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04/25/2024  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

OECD complaint filed against Bayer AG for systematic human rights violations and environmental damages

An alliance of six society organizations is holding the company accountable for the impacts of industrial agriculture in South America

04/23/2024  •  Business and Human Rights Violations +

Environmental licensing gaps and irregularities lead to a 105% increase in the number of ports in Tapajós (PA)

Of the 27 ports in operation in Tapajós, at least half have committed some irregularity in their environmental licensing process

03/14/2024  •  Land Conflicts +

Brazilian State condemned for the murder of rural worker Antonio Tavares

Inter-American Court decision rules that Military Justice can no longer investigate crimes committed by military personnel against civilians

11/16/2023  •  Land Conflicts +

Survey reveals doubling of annual average of murders of quilombolas from 2018 to 2022 compared to 2008-2017

Approximately 70 percent of the murders were recorded in territories that have not been titled.

08/18/2023  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Committee for Justice for Marielle promotes international seminar on the struggle for justice in the case

With the aim of promoting exchanges between countries on the struggle for justice, an international seminar will be held to mark 2,000 days

06/14/2023  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Survey points to 169 homicides against human rights defenders in the last four years, in Brazil

Territorial and environmental struggles are the main reasons for violence; Legal Amazon is the region with the highest number of cases

05/13/2023  •  Quilombolas +

At the current pace, Brazil will take 2,188 years to title quilombola territories with processes open at Incra

Slowness, insufficient budget and fragile land policies mark the slow progress of the Brazilian State in guaranteeing the right

04/28/2023  •  Business and Human Rights Violations +

Study shows that Cargill port has been operating in Itaituba (Pará) for 10 years irregularly

A new study reveals the systematic violation of Indigenous people’s rights and lack of monitoring by the Environment Secretariat

03/30/2023  •  Human Rights Defenders +

Monica Benicio requests UN support to move forward with investigations into the assassination of Marielle

Document delivered by the organization Terra de Direitos highlights the importance of international pressure to solve this crime

09/16/2022  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Cinema of Resistance: documentary about flower pickers that struggle to defend traditional territories

Released during the 2nd Festival das Apanhadoras, in Diamantina (MG), the record reports the move of monocultures

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