Emblematic Cases

05/05/2017  •  Megaproject Impacts +

Ports at Maicá

Port building in the region of Lake Maicá in the municipality of Santarém-PA, is based on an agribusiness strategy for the outflow of soybeansthe state of Mato Grosso through Brazil’s northern region, in particular along the Tapajós-Teles Pires...

04/07/2016  •  Human Rights Defenders +

The Quedas do Iguaçu Massacre

The case which became known as the Quedas do Iguaçu Massacre is a reflection of intensified criminalization of social movements by the State.

09/04/2013  •  Land Conflicts +

Tapajós Hydroelectric Complex

The so-called “Tapajós Hydroelectic Complex” would mean the building of seven power stations along two rivers in western Pará state, having a direct impact on traditional communities, including quilombolas, riverside dwellers, fishermen,...

08/30/2013  •  Land Conflicts +

The Maró Indigenous Land

The Rio Maró Indingenous Land is located in Gleba Nova Olinda, in the municipality of Santarém in west Pará state.  It is an area of 42,373 hectares claimed by the Borari and Arapiun indigenous groups as a territory traditionally occupied by them.

06/04/2013  •  Business and Human Rights Violations +


The anti-trade union conduct of the Ultrafértil company has been denounced by the Paraná Petrochemical Industry Workers Union (Sindiquímica-PR) since 2006.

05/20/2013  •  Right to the City +

Sociedade Barracão (Shed Society)

This case deals with the struggle for the recognition of the right to housing of around 30 families who are recyclable waste collectors.

03/02/2013  •  Right to the City +


Since 2006, by means of a contract with the Ministry of the Cities, Terra de Direitos has coordinated actions for the sustainable landholding regularization of the Eldorado, Sete de Setembro, Nova Conquista and Esperança townships located in the...

03/02/2013  •  Right to the City +

Bogus COHAB/CT Contracts

During the 1990s, Curitiba City’s land regularization programmes, implemented by COHAB-CT, jeopardized thousands of families through misleading contracts of doubtful legal validity in diverse areas occupied by low-income dwellers.

05/29/2011  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Liberty Link Maize Case

In 2007 Terra de Direitos, along with the National Association of Small-scale Farmers, Assistance and Services for Alternative Agriculture Projects, and the Brazilian Consumer Defence Institute, filed a Public Civil Action with the Federal Court of...

01/29/2011  •  Biodiversity and Food Sovereignty +

Tobacco growers

In 2004, in the municipalities of Teixeira Soares and Imbituva, in the state of Paraná, small-scale farmers signed contracts for the purchase and sale of tobacco leaves for the 2004/2005 harvest with two companies called CTA Continental Tobaccos...

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